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Wine Lives Here

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Wine Lives Here

Path of wine History has deeply intertwined with the Georgian traditions. Georgia is the place where wild grapevine grew naturally. The grapes seeds that were found on the territory of Georgia belongs to the earliest kind of the cultivated wine in the world. Stone Age people were producing wine here up to 8 000 years ago. With centuries passing the art of wine making remain same for Georgian people and is described by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

"Rtveli" in Georgia

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Rtveli - vintage

This tour is for true gourmets and wine lovers. During the tour you will visit Kakheti region, which is the center of Georgian viticulture and winemaking. You will have a unique opportunity to participate in grapes squeezing  and wine making, to get "first-hand" information about this beverage and its production methods in different parts of Georgia, as well as about relict varieties famous local wines.

Georgia - Cradle of Wine

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Georgia - Cradle of Wine

Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. On the fertile valleys of the South Caucasus, according to historians, the culture of the wine was originated in the Neolithic period - more than 7000 years BC. With such a long history, traditions of viticulture and winemaking are closely intertwined with national identity of Georgians. Georgians say: "Guest of God." And we are pleased to invite you to Georgia, you to be able to touch the divine elixir, to become a part of the Georgian legends and take a step toward eternity, and maybe to immortality.


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