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Life is so endlessly delicious

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Life is so endlessly delicious

We believe that receiving guests is a bless from God. Mimino Travel Georgia is honored to accept you as our private guests. During this tour, you will be lucky to be invited to a meal in traditional Georgian home that will be one of the most enjoyable and refreshing feast in your life. We guarantee that you taste fabulous dishes and superb Georgian wine during your stay in Georgia.

Gastronomic Tour

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Gastronomic Tour in Georgia

A country of majestic nature and unique culture: mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes; ancient cave towns, eminent cathedrals, delicious cuisine and wine;

In Georgia there is a saying: “guest is sent by God”, and in fact, every guest in Georgia is greeted with love, respect and warmth. Be our guest and explore Georgia with us, taste delicious Georgian wine and cuisine, participate in cooking process and feel Georgian spirit.


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