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  • Ski Tours

    Ski tours

    Get ready for the new experiences and adventures, feel the energy and adrenaline, get ready to have your eyes opened to our best skiing and riding. Our ski tours are destined to any kind of eager, both for professional skiers and for people who would like at least once in a lifetime to try this extreme, but at the same time exciting kind of sport. So, try yourself, don’t miss a chance to enjoy this pleasure.

  • Ecotours


    If you want to travel in those parts of our planet where the wildlife has been preserved, to enjoy the breathtaking views of majestic mountains, lush green forests, magical waterfalls, then ecotourism – this is what you need. Ecotourism combines features of both extreme tourism and a relaxing walk. Tourists will be given a chance to admire the surrounding beauty and also learn a lot of new and interesting things.

  • Pilgrim Tours

    Pilgrim Tours

    Pilgrimage tours are very informative and useful type of tourism, with a high degree of cognitive component. During pilgrimages tourists have a great opportunity to learn about the history, traditions, legends, ancient monasteries and temples of Georgia, get acquainted with the spiritual traditions of any religion.

  • Wine Tours

    Vine Tours

    Wine tourism in Georgia – is an extraordinary opportunity to meet with provincial life of the legendary wine region - Kakheti. But the main occupation of the traveler who has chosen wine tourism are wine tours nearby wineries and tasting halls - the best wines should be tried where they were.

  • Extreme tours

    Extreme tours

    If you want to get new feelings, impressions, reach athletic performance, immerse into an incredible adventures, the extreme tourism is precisely this kind of tourism. In varying degrees, associated with risk but at the same time incredibly captivating extreme tour guarantees you a dose of adrenaline and a rush of energy, new emotions and bright memories.

  • Caucasus Tours

    Caucasus Tours

    When we say the word "Caucasus", imagination immediately responds by kaleidoscope of vivid landscapes tightened by predawn haze of mountain peaks. Armenia, Azerbaijan and certainly Georgia open the fascinating world of ancient mysteries, churches, monasteries and fortresses which are waiting for your visit.

  • Health Tours

    Medical Tours

    Health tourism – is a term that unites the possibility of traveling to resorts and treatment at the same time. We offer you to make an amazing journey to Georgia, which will improve your health, and also give you a break from the routine of monotone gray days by immersing into the history of the most ancient culture.

  • Tours During Festivals and Holidays


    The most frequently organized festivals in Georgia are music festivals. During these festivals you can listen to modern music as well as national one. Festival promoters invite foreign artist who play different music, so that any tourist can choose exactly what he likes.

  • Wedding Tours

    wedding tours

    Wedding is one of the brightest moments in the lives of two loving hearts! To make this day full of unforgettable impressions our travel company decided to organize a wedding tours and turn the beginning of a new life in a fairy tale. We propose holding the wedding ceremony not only in Tbilisi, but in and around the city. Treat yourself and your guests with the hospitality of our country!

  • Tours for Our Business Partners

    tours for partners

    Our travel company offers our business partners promotional and info-tours. During these tours you will have an opportunity to make a trip around Georgia. You will see the sights, make a travel around the cities of Georgia, taste traditional Georgian cuisine and get dozens of unforgettable impressions. "Mimino Travel" is always ready to push its business boundaries  and start a new co-operation.

  • Guaranteed Tours

    guaranteed tours

    Guatanteed tours is a great pissibility for those ones who want to visi Georgia in certain dadtes. Our travel company offers you a perefect tours during which you will visit different aincent Georgian cities, admire Georgian nature and see ancient architectural monuments. Visit Georgia and feel the aroma of Georgian traditions and hospitality.

  • Gastronomic Tours

    Gastronomic Tours

    Food is an integral part of Georgian culture. When you visit Georgia, you should try Georgian food and get enormous pleasure. Each region of Georgia is famous for its unique dishes. For example different kinds of Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread, also known as Georgian pizza) is available in Georgia - Imeruli, Megruli, Acharuli Khachapuri, Khachapuri on a grill. Achma - Georgian Cheese Lasagna comes from the western part of Georgia. Khinkali (Georgian dumpling made of twisted knobs of dough, stuffed with meat and spices) and Mtsvadi (Georgian barbecue cooked with pork). It is grilled to over a grape vine wood fire, with fresh pomegranate juice squeezed over it) are typical for eastern Georgian cuisine. This diversity of food provides delicious options of unforgettable tastes. You can enjoy delicions Georgian food: “Chakhokhbili”, “Lobio”, “Lobiani”, “Mchadi”, “Chvishtari”, “Dedas puri”,”Pkhali”, “Satsivi”, “Baje”,”Kuchmachi”,”Chakapuli”, “Gebjalia”, “ Elarji”, “Ghomi”, “Kharcho”, “Chikhirtma”. You will also be tempted to try unique Georgian desserts: “Churchkhela”, “Gozinakhi”,” Pelamushi”, “Tklapi”.

  • Cultural Tours to Georgia

    Cultural Tours to Georgia

    Cultural tour is closely connected with a country or region's culture, specifically the lifestyle of the people in those geographical areas, the history of those people, their art, architecture, religion, and other elements that helped shape their way of life. Respectively, cultural tour to Georgia will give you the opportunity to know the history, art, religion, architecture. You will have the chance to meet the Georgian people, feel the Georgian hospitality, taste the typical food and sample traditional Georgian wine.  


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