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Health tour in Tskhaltubo

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Tskhaltubo resort one of the most famous resorts in Georgia. Information about it, or rather about its wonderful sources, goes back to antiquity. Research of Georgian scientists shows that Tshaltubo was known in the XII century. Climate of Tshaltubo is strongly influenced by its geographical position. Tshaltubo is surrounded by mountains and hills, and is open to the sea.

Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi. Transfer to a hotel. Excurtion. Overnight

Sightseeing trip around Tbilisi:

  • Start the tour in Old Town at the 13th century Metekhi church. The viewing platform in front of the church offers, probably, the most scenic views of the Old Tbilisi.
  • Narikala Fortress - the most famous and ancient monument of Tbilisi antiquity, the locals call her "Soul of the City." The whole city is in front of it at a glance. The fortress is situated on Sololpakski ridge, climb is high enough, but even older people who climbe there to pray at the holy place, say they do not feel fatigue.
  • Then we will visit important historical part of the city- Abanotubani district,, where the well-known Sulfur Baths are located. It is here where the story of construction of Tbilisi begins, because "tbili" in Georgian means "warm". When king Gorgasali discovered these springs he gave an order to build the city here. In olden times magical healing properties were attributed to these springs, but now everyone knows the profits of sulfur baths.
  • Walk along the Shardeni street. Its restoration was begun several years ago and the street was supposed to be the town of masters like Montmartre (Paris), but now it is rather the Champs Elysees with numerous restaurants and cafes, boutiques and a few salons. 
  • Walk over the Bridge of Peace – it is a foot-bridge over the river Mtkvari. The bridge is beautiful during both the day and night hours,   because it has a very special interactive display system. The Bridge of Peace of Tbilisi is in the list of the great bridges in the world.
  • Visit of SamebaTsminda Sameba (Holy Trinity Cathedral) is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church. 

 Day 2: Breakfast at a hotel. Set for Tskhaltubo (236 km)

Accomodation at a hotel

The health resort Tskaltubo is famous for its mineral springs of warm Radon waters (natural temperature 33 -35 degrees). Since the 1940s the resort has been very popular throughout the Soviet Union for its healing properties. This unique water can cure the following:

  • Cardiovascular System disease
  • Locomotor System disorder
  • Nervous System disorder
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Skin & endocrine diseases
  • Disturbance of metabolism and others

Treatment procedures

  • Consultations of the doctor
  • Bath of mineral water in general pool
  • Bath of mineral water in individual bath room
  • Bath mineral water in the basin of the Stalin 
  • Spinal horizontal extension in mineral water 
  • Combined horizontal spinal traction in the water
  • Hydro massage (underwater massage) in mineral water
  • Exercising in the pool 
  • Exercising in the hall 
  • Treatment classical manual massage
  • Gynecologic irrigation and a bath mineral water
  • Hydro–vibro massage
  • Circular shower
  • Riseng shower
  • Shower “Sharko”
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures
  • Mechano–therapy in pool
  • Application of mineral mud (peloidoterapy)
  • Speleotherapy

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