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Health tour in Ureki

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Sanatorium in Ureki offers you the service of certified physicians and qualified medical staff: therapist, pediatrician, cardiologist, neurologist, a pediatric neurologist, physical therapist, massage therapists, physiotherapist, nurses. Each patient who had come to resort will be offered: consulting of specialists, laboratory tests and then will be assigned the appropriate procedures. The resort is carried out day and night duty, to provide primary health care and further medical treatment.

Health tour in Tskhaltubo

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Tskhaltubo resort one of the most famous resorts in Georgia. Information about it, or rather about its wonderful sources, goes back to antiquity. Research of Georgian scientists shows that Tshaltubo was known in the XII century. Climate of Tshaltubo is strongly influenced by its geographical position. Tshaltubo is surrounded by mountains and hills, and is open to the sea.

Health tour in Akhtala

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Akhtala is a historic mud-cure resort in Georgia, not far from the town of Gurjaani, Kakheti region. Akhtala resort is also a winegrowing and horticultural region of Georgia. It’s located in the Alazani valley, 122 km east of Tbilisi and is known for its mud spas. Important part of your spa stay is therapeutic mud. The volcanic eruption produces mud riched with biologically active elements. Akhtala mud is grey and liquid. Depending on a procedure it is heated to 36-48 ° C. There are diverse procedures for the mud therapy: massages, mud baths, physiotherapy and many others.   At the Akhtala resort people with skin diseases, bone and joint diseases, peripheral nervous system diseases and others are treated.  The Climate of Akhtala resort has low humidity and relatively low precipitation. You will also enjoy pure air of Akhtala larch forests.  The resort season lasts from April to December.

Health Tour in Sairme

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Medical Tour in Sairme

Sairme is a balneological resort area in Georgia, 950 meters above sea level. It is distinctive with coniferous and deciduous forests and mountain climate, but more importantly, with therapeutic, mineral rich and thermal water deposits. During several decades it has been a main resort zone in Georgia. You can stay in a comfortable hotel; there are Spa center and policlinic here as well, equipped with the latest techniques, serving guests for 24 hours. Therapeutic, cardiology, urological services are available in the clinic, it’s equipped with modern laboratory, dental cabinets, and ultrasound.

Health tour in Borjomi

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Medical tour in Borjomi

Health tourism is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure, i.e. tourists will be given the chance to undergo a medical procedure, treatment or prevention of one of the medical centers in the city, get advice and at the same time enjoy the beauty of magnificent mountain resort, attractions and get a lot of pleasure from the rest.


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