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Vashlovani National park

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Vashlovani National park

Vashlovani National Park is a national park in southeastern Georgia, close to the Azerbaijan border. It was created to protect the forest steppe. Founded in 1935 as a reserve Vashlovani. In 2003 was formed National Park with an area of 251.15 km ². The reserve with an area of 84.8 km ² is an integral part of the park.

Climate of the park is dry and precipitation is 470 mm per year. The average temperature is 11,6° C.  In the park there are deciduous forests and forest steppe, steppe and semi-desert. The relief consists of valleys and sedimentary rock massifs. There are caves. In the park grows 664 species of plants, 40 of which are endemic to the Caucasus. Among the trees dominate pistachio, juniper, cherry, maple, pear, figs, pomegranates. There are 80 species of birds. Among the mammals the park has hedgehog, hare, fox, wild cat, wolf, brown bear, badger, wild boar, jackal, civet, hyena, a ferret, a gazelle. In 2004, in a remote part of the park a leopard was seen.

Day 1: Tbilisi

Pick-up from Tbilisi International Airport, transfer to a hotel.

Day 2: Tbilisi

Breakfast. In the morning we visit the fascinating capital of Georgia. We begin our trip from historical centre of Tbilisi: Metekhi Church (XIII century), famous sulfuric baths, Synagogue, Sioni Cathedral (VII century) and Anchiskhati Church (VI century). All the memorials in the Old Town are very close to each other, within a few minutes’ walk. After lunch we can walk in the amazing Botanical garden which is located in the southern part of Tbilisi. Here you will see the blossoming plants of extraordinary beauty, the 40 m waterfall and a little bridge across the river grown with gorgeous flowers. In the evening dinner in the typical Georgian restaurant. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 3: Tbilisi-Dedoflistskaro

Breakfast. We drive to Vashlovani defended areas, located among the two main rivers of Kakheti – Iori and Alazani. The gorge is a deep and very wonderful canyon cut by a little ravine through the cliffs of camstone origin. The territories of Vashlovani are distinguished with seldom Wild pistachio trees, arid light forests and bluestem-feather grass steppes. Foothills are covered with oak trees and ash-tree groves mixed with maple and elm. Here can be found barberry, Jerusalem thorn, smoke tree, pea shrub, et al. We walk from “Eagle Gorge” till “Takhti-Tepa mud volcanoes” monuments.

Picnic in nature. Overnight in camping tent.

Day 4: Dedoflistskaro

Breakfast. We visit amazing site of “Alesilebi” of Datvis Khevi (Brown bear gorge), which has one more surprise for visitors – the meeting with pre-historical fauna. In the deposited layers of exposed rocks a good observer can easily notice the mollusk chitins that are well saved. These mollusks are the oldest habitants of Vashlovani; they belong to the time when the local territories were covered with sea. In the same Datvis Khevi you can see one more comparatively “young” pre-historical animal: in clay hill extrudes the hardened shoulder bone of the southern elephant. Picnic in nature. Overnight in camping tent.

Day 5: Dedoflistskaro-Tbilisi

Breakfast. Spare time to stroll around the Vashlovani park. Dinner in the restaurant, with folk performance. Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 6: Departure

Transfer to Tbilisi International Airport.

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