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Sameba Cathedral

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Sameba Cathedral

A distinguishing feature of Tbilisi is a large number of ancient churches, but the cathedral "Sameba" is not included in their number. This splendid building stands on a hilltop of St. Elijah, in the center of the city.

Tsminda Sameba which is translated as “Holy Trinity” is the main cathedral of Tbilisi Georgia Orthodox Church. Its building started in 1995 and ended 9 years later, in 2004. After lighting it became one of the highest Orthodox churches in the world. Its height is 98 meters, an area of over 5000 square meters and capacity 15,000 parishioners.

This is truly a grandiose scale. Restrained ornament and Georgian architectural style creates around him an aura of constancy. A night lights illuminate the cathedral so that it seems an enormous bonfire upward aspiration.

Along with the lightening from Sioni Cathedral here was moved the Chair of the Catholicos of Georgia. Now here is the residence of the superior priests of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Despite, it is only 6 years old, but already has entered in history and deserves proper attention. Sameba – is the new symbol of faith and culture in Georgia.


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+1 # Adwiladia 2015-11-17 14:59
very beautiful !
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