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The Art Museum of Georgia

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The Art Museum of Georgia

The Art Museum of Georgia, officially known as Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most important museums in Georgia.It is located in Tbilisi near Freedom Square and possesses around 140,000 items of Georgian, Oriental, Russian, and European art.

The most important of the Museum’s collections is naturally that of Georgian art, illustrating the development of the national artistic culture over many centuries from ancient times to the present. The Oriental section comes next in its size and importance, and is one of the largest in the post-Soviet countries. Pieces of Persian fine arts, particularly Qajar art, is probably the most significant part of the Oriental collection. It includes several miniatures of Persian court artists – images of court beauties, and portraits of shahs and noblemen.

The Museum often holds temporary exhibitions of works from other collections in the country and abroad.

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