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Ananuri Fortress

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ananuri fortress

Ananuri is a fortress situated on the foreland by the Aragvi River, not far from Zhinvali water reservoir and about 70 km from Tbilisi, Georgia. The fortress was the scene of numerous battles.Ananuri is the main stronghold of the redoubtable Aragvi Eristavi guarding the way to the ancient capital of Dusheti, and centuries later - the main road linking Georgia with Russia.

It is known that the fortress guarded the central part of Eristavi and covered the paths to the mountains for the locals as well as the population of the central parts during the wars.

Some time later Ananuri served as a stronghold for the Russian troops. There even was a plan to build a military camp and a project was designed, but it was never realized.

After Russian military units had abandoned the fortress, the fortifications were left without supervision and the fortress was devastated.

Now a citadel is the only building that remains of a strict castle.

The fortifications consist of two castles joined by a crenellated curtain wall. The upper fortification with a large square tower, known as Sheupovari, is well preserved and is the location of the last defense of the Aragvi against the Shamshe. The lower fortification, with a round tower, is mostly in ruins. Within the complex, amongst other buildings, are two churches.

Ananuri fortified castle is on the UNESCO Tentative list.

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