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Imereti is an area in Western Georgia. It includes 11 districts and one autonomous city of Kutaisi. Imereti noticeably distinguishes from the Central Georgia, even by color. Imereti is very green. Beautiful pine woods start as soon as soon as you enter the area from Surami side. The climate is humid here and quite staffy.

The historic area of Imereti is the area of the legendary Golden Fleece – this is where the long search for the Golden Fleece took Jason and the Argonauts. Even though the Golden Fleece was taken to Greece, people today will discover a lot of interesting worth things other than the Golden Fleece.


The Imereti region is famous for its great location extending from the humid subtropical, ending 2850m high up with alpine meadows, multiple health spas and a large number of mineral water springs. Among its multiple historical sites Gelati Monastery and Bagrati Cathedral near Kutaisi, the capital of legendary Colchis, have been announced Unesco World Heritage sites of Georgia.

Imereti is curiously inhabited. The spaces between mountains and rivers are totally covered with houses, and tens of villages fused into single built-up area. The buildings here are generally one-storeyed, with nearby gardens. Such geography looks very pleasant and doesn’t prevent from good auto-stop possibilities.

The population of Imereti is merry, industrious and creative. While driving to Imereti, at the village of Shrosha, you will meet people along the motorway selling wonderful articles made of clay. This is one of the most ancient and famous handicrafts in Georgia.


The Kingdom of Imereti was created in 1455 by a member of the house of Bagration when the Kingdom of Georgia was dissolved into contender kingdoms. Before that time, Imereti was thought to be an independent kingdom within the Kingdom of Georgia, to which a cadet department of the Bagration royal family held the crown starting in 1260 by Davit VI, King of Georgia.

This was due to the Mongolian victory of the 13th century which decentralized and disintegrated Georgia, forcing the resettlement of governmental centers to the provinces. From 1455 forward, however, the kingdom became a permanent battleground between Georgian, Russian, Persian, and Turkish troops until it was joined into Russia completely in 1810. Throughout the period of that time, Mengrelia, Abkhazia and Guria principalities announced their independence from Imereti and became their own governments.

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