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Alhough Georgians are proud of their entire country, there’s a particular place in their soul for the Black Sea region of Adjara. Neighboring with Turkey, the Independent Republic of Adjara, as the region is officially known, is a land of intact beaches, high mountains and delicious food. Although it is on the shore of the Black Sea the waters in the area are cerulean, and very warm. Sea season there begins from May and lasts till October, sometimes longer. The capital of Adjara is Batumi. Amazing streets filled with palm trees and beautiful 19th century architecture, it feels more like the Caribbean than Eastern Europe. Modern cinemas, theatres, historical museums, an Opera House and Circus, as well as the longest boulevard in Europe make Adjara look gorgeous. It is a 19th century resort which has firmly saved in the contemporary century, CNN has described the last several years in Batumi as a “wonder”, with big international names like Sheraton and Hayatt enabling the economic transformation of the city. Nightclubs, casinos, beautiful gardens and entertaining parks, small boutique shops and cafés mean that there’s always a good time to be spent in Batumi. It has always been a highly distinctive place. One century ago the town hosted one of the world first oil pipelines, which belonged to the Nobel brothers, and since then it has attracted people from the whole Georgia, including Jews, Armenians, Russians, Greeks and Turks.


Batumi is an administrative center of the Independent Republic of Adjara and is one of the best resorts in the Black sea area. The little city is filled with multiple trees of magnolias, during the blossoming of which the whole city becomes covered in their aroma. The fields around the city are mainly tea and citrus plantations, spotted with oldest ruins.

Presently, Batumi is fast changing its face – here are rising new modern architectural constructions and aspiring sculptural projects are implemented. The city turns into contemporary and fashion summer place, which fascinates foreigners, as well as Georgians. It’s a place to delight cultural events, explosive nightlife and Black Sea waves.

Batumi Botanical Garden is one of the biggest botanical gardens in the Ex Soviet Union. It is situated at the place named Mtsvane Kontskhi (“The Green Cape”) on the Black Sea coast, 9 km north of Batumi city. The Garden also includes three parks – the Upper Park, the Lower Park and the Sea Side Park.

Petra Fortress -the ruins of antique historical city-citadel Petra are located in the countryside of Tsikhisdziri, Kobuleti area. It dates back to VI c A.D. Historically, the place was settled by one of the Iberian tribes – the Lazes. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian constructed a city there because of its uncommon military-strategic and trade-economical location. Petra citadel controlled a road going across the coastal area and connecting the region with Byzantium, Persia, and Armenia, and the Great Silk Road going from Byzantium and on via the Black Sea.

Gonio Fortress is the ancient fortress in Georgia. It is situated in the southwestern part of the country in the Gonio countryside. In the 2nd century it was a well-fortified Roman city within Colchis. The town was also famous for its theatre and hippodrome. It later came under Byzantine impact.

Gonio fortress is announced the museum-preserve. Today it is a real paradise for the amateurs of historical and cultural antiquities.

Dandalo Bridge is situated in the countryside of Dandalo, Cedi country, on the river of Acharackali. The length of the bridge is 34.5 meters, and the width is 28 meters.

The right pier of dandalo bridge is built right on the rock, where the left pier of the bridge is cut into water, the bridge is built by rocks.


Adjara is one of the main areas of the ancient kingdom of Colchis (VI-III century BC). The seaside towns of Adjara – Pichvnari, Batumi, Apsaros and others had a great impact on the political and economical life of Colchis, and then on the Iberian state, which also included Adjara.

In the I century AD Adjara adopted Christianity. This event is related with the names of St. Andrew, Simon Kanonit.

Since the 70s of the XVI century Adjara was a prisoner of the Ottoman Empire and was separated from Georgia for a long time. In the turkish captivity, its territory administratively was divided into Batumi and Adjara sandzak, which were included in different regions.

Russia’s victory in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78 brought the desired freedom from the Turkish yoke, to Adjara, as well as entire Georgia. In 1878 the Congress of Berlin decided to pass Adjara to Russian Empire.

Since 1921, Adjara referred to Adjar Autonomous Republic in the region of Georgia. After obtaining independence of Georgia it is an Autonomous Republic in Georgia, but with special state status.

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