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Vashlovani National Park

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vashlovani national park

Vashlovani National Park is a national park in southeastern Georgia, close to the Azerbaijan border. It was created to protect the forest steppe.

Founded in 1935 as a reserve Vashlovani. In 2003 was formed National Park with an area of 251.15 km ². The reserve with an area of 84.8 km ² is an integral part of the park.

Climate of the park is dry and precipitation is 470 mm per year. The average temperature is 11,6° C.  In the park there are deciduous forests and forest steppe, steppe and semi-desert. The relief consists of valleys and sedimentary rock massifs. There are caves. In the park grows 664 species of plants, 40 of which are endemic to the Caucasus. Among the trees dominate pistachio, juniper, cherry, maple, pear, figs, pomegranates. There are 80 species of birds. Among the mammals the park has hedgehog, hare, fox, wild cat, wolf, brown bear, badger, wild boar, jackal, civet, hyena, a ferret, a gazelle. In 2004, in a remote part of the park a leopard was seen. 

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