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Lagodekhi National Park

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Lagodekhi National Reserve

The Lagodekhi National Reserve is the most ancient protected area in Georgia, founded in 1912, and one of the country’s most beautiful corners. Hidden on the eastern border, this region of ancient woods, plunging waterfalls and alpine valleys is a must see for all nature amateurs, and with the national park extending 3000 meters up the greater Caucasus, it’s a gorgeous place to discover the mountains as well.

Lagodekhi is a very rich district. It is characterized with moderate humid subtropical climate. The reserve is abounded in water. The Ninoskhevi, Shromiskhevi, Lagodekhistskali and Matsimistskali are the main rivers originating in the high mountains and creating many water cascades and waterfalls, which then flow calmly in the lower zone of the forest. In the Lagodekhi alpine zone, one can meet several very pretty lakes of glacial origin; the largest of them is the Black Cliff Lake, the depth of which reaches 14 m. It is situated on the Russian-Georgian border. Treasure of Lagodekhi Protected Areas is its nature. There is an alternation of vertical zoning and habitats in this huge territory. There are unique hornbeam and beech broadleaf woods, rare plants and abundant wild flowers.

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