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Satsivi is a food paste in Georgian cuisine made first of all from walnuts and is used in different recipes. There are multiple varieties of walnut sauce, and Georgian cuisine alone boasts of dozens of them.

Satsivi is a Georgian sauce made of walnuts and served cold, either as a submerging sauce for bread or sauce for boiled or fried game or fish. Traditionally, ingredients of satsivi include walnuts, water, garlic, combination of dried herbs, vinegar, cayenne pepper, and salt according to taste. In this way, satsivi in the Caucasus looks like the nut and/or legume-based paste sauces to the south, such as the hummus varieties found in Armenian, Syrian, Lebanese, or generically Levantine cuisine.
Boiled turkey or chicken pieces dipped in satsivi is a main of winter holiday feasts.

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