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Architecture of Georgia

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Architecture of Georgia

Georgian art, beginning with the IV-V century until the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries took a long and difficult path of development that interdependently linked to the development of the Georgian people and the Georgian statehood. Like any living art, the Georgian one was strongly associated with the art of the neighboring countries of Asia Minor and the Mediterranean basin. These relations have improved Georgian art, but Georgian art, in turn, contributed immensely to the development of medieval art world. It was in the Middle Ages when original national character of Georgian art was particularly evident.

Monumental Georgian architecture developed in the Middle Ages, with the development of statehood and the spread of Christianity and the temple construction. In V-VI centuries common type of Georgian churches was basil. A number of ancient Georgian basil is known: Anchiskhati, Tskarostavi, Urbinisi. The most popular is Bolnisi Sion, construction of which started in 478 and completed in 493, is the oldest, but the well-preserved basil. 

At the end of VI and VII century basilica replaced by different types of centric buildings. Dome overlaps considerably partly based on local architecural traditions of Transcaucasia. The most ancient temples of this type are the church Dzveli-Gavazi in Kakheti (VI century), the cathedral temple in Ninotsminda (mid-VI century) and also Jvari monastery in Mtskheta built in 590-604 years. May be the architect of this monastery was Miquel Thedi. The building is erected on the top of the mountain at the confluence of the rivers Kura and Aragvi and organically grows out of solid rock. Temple can be seen from afar in the valleys of the rivers and it is the center of the entire landscape. 

Fortress Grammy (Kakheti) is an architectural monument of the XVII century.

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