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Located on the Colchis lowland 30 km from the Black Sea near the border with Abkhazia Zugdidi is one of the five largest cities of Georgia . Its population is over 70,000. The city is rather young although it is situated in the western part of Georgia, in Colchis whose history is very old. Therefore there is a huge number of interesting ancient monuments in the surroundings of Zugdidi.

Zugdidi is the regional heart of two united historical areas of Georgia – Mingrelia and Svanetia. From there you can make a trip to Svanetia – the most original place of Georgia famous for its ancient watchtowers and ethnic settlements of Mestia and Ushguli.


Zugdidi has very rich museum where besides many interesting artifacts is kept Napoleon's death mask made by his personal doctor Franchesco Antomarc. But there is much more important relic- the Shroud of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. According to the legend, the Shroud from Byzantium to western Georgia was brought by prince Dadiani’s ancestors in XV century. Shroud is possible to see only on major religious holidays.

City is well known for its botanical garden which was founded by Dadiani family at the end of 19 century. Along the way you admire Inguri dam. The hydroelectric plant is mightiest building in the Caucasus. Also there is a chance to visit Mestia - administrative center of Upper Svaneti. Here you will see traditional Svanetian towers, Ethnographic Museum, Museum of famous Georgian climber Chergiani. Later, you can enjoy dinner in a local family.

Prince Dadiani Palace is the national museum of Georgia, which is one of the oldest castles in the whole Georgian region. The first exhibition of archaeological excavations was made in 1840 and till now it's a separate historical monument. It owns the whole bunch of items of cultural heritage: 13 - 14 centuries manuscripts, miniatures, some objects connected with Napoleon Bonaparte, unique patterns of goldsmith (coins, crosses).


Zugdidi, once called Davie, was always a quiet and peaceful place, and it became the reason that the city was chosen for placement of winter residence of Prince Dadiani. Nowadays, Dadiani palace is the main attraction of Zugdidi, and if not visiting it, you won’t be able to discover the essence of the city. On the shore of Enguri, about 7 kilometers from Zugdidi, debris of Rukhi fortress have preserved, where a bloody battle between Katsia Dadiani and Imeretian King Solomon I occurred.

The French also liked Zugdidi, so in 1850 a silk establishment was educated in the city, thanks to the French Rozmorduke, that contributed Zugdidi to become almost the most important city for the production of silk. Yet, with the beginning of XX century, the production has almost stopped.

In times of war, Zugdidi was constantly occupied by various troops, which of course had negative influence on tranquility of the local population and the essence of the city.

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