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Signaghi, also known as “city of love”, is an ancient Georgian small town 100km from Tbilisi. What is Signaghi? Imagine a large mountain, rising alone in the center of a huge valley. On the mountain – city fortress, with stunning views of the Alazani Valley and in the distance – Main Caucasian ridge with snow-capped peaks. Here, to a natural fortress, the king of eastern Georgia, Irakli II, without violating freedom of kizik, relocated residents from different districts of Kakheti and Kartli. Since then, architecturally this mountain town with small, twisted streets resembles old Tbilisi, and by location –Jerusalem.


The most important attraction of this wonderful town is considered to be Signaghi fortress that is listed in the most famous and biggest strongholds of Georgia. Despite the vivid historical events that happened in that place, the fortress walls miraculously survived and now surround the old part of the city. Along the perimeter 28 watchtowers were preserved, from which is shown a marvelous view of the Alazani valley.

Today Signaghi is very modern city: clean streets, tiled roof built in the Italian style, and unlimited number of hotels, which ranks third in the country after Tbilisi and Batumi. The city turned into a civilized European center of wine tourism.

Residents of the town honor urban monument, which was built in honor of the famous countryman- opera singer Vano Sarajishvili.

Signaghi is the value of cultural heritage of Georgia, a visit of this ancient town is basically included in all sightseeing routes passing through Kakheti.


This small town of Kakheti from the beginning was a test. In the XVIII century, King Irakli II, settled Armenians there, they instead of remote province to build a real city. Settlers coped with task, but after a short period Signaghi almost died out again. Georgian government has recently decided to revive it and to turn into a tourist center of Kakheti. In the result of state program, begun in 2007, from forgotten and deaf town, Sighnakhi turned into civilized center of wine tourism. Now there are all kinds of hotels, both expensive and cheap guesthouses and restaurants for all tastes and opportunities.

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