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Despite the fact that Kutaisi is the second capital of Georgia, the city is not so official and not so restrained in execution. It is filled with the aroma of life, adventure stories and impressions. Having been in Georgia, Kutaisi is simply impossible to delete from the list of places that deserve your attention.

Unlike Tbilisi, Kutaisi differs by a little more coziness and lack of capital ambitions. The city managed to preserve many features of medieval architecture and construction in the form of tangled streets and alleys. They give Kutaisi peculiar charm, unlike other cities.

More interesting here is the old right-bank part of the city. Here are erected 1-2-storey houses with hanging verandas, located one above the other on the steep slopes of the mountains full of greens.


Among the attractions of Kutaisi a special part take the ancient temples, erected at the beginning of formation of a centralized State of Georgia.

Nearby are located unusual sights of medieval churches: Gelati, where David the Builder is buried, dilapidated Bagrat Temple, where still a service is held. They are UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Georgia.

Not far from Kutaisi is located Sataplia reserve, which is the third largest reserve in Georgia, as the deepest cave in the world is Krubera-Crow, which is located in the mountain range Arabica in Abkhazia, then goes Prometheus Cave, which is situated in Imereti region, Kumistavi village located in the municipality of Tshaltubo. Sataplia Reserve, located in the mountains, is an amazing natural monument, corner of nature that has not changed since the days of the dinosaurs existance. By the way, some of their authentic traces remained imprinted on the plateau, close to the mountain caves.

Among the famous resorts of Georgia Tshaltubo refers to special places. Only it has the special features associated with geographic location, mild climate, and the presence of unique thermal mineral therapeutic waters with nitrogen and radona. Resort Tshaltubo is located in the western Georgia, in the lowlands of the river "Tshaltubo", 7 km. from Kutaisi, 250 km. from Tbilisi, and 70 km. from the Black Sea.

Airport and Transfer:

Kutaisi International Airport Kopitnari, which is 14 km from the city, was officially opened on September 27, 2012, where to date regularly are commited comparatively cheap flights to Latvia, Lithuania, Kiev.

After arriving in the city, you can hire a car or a bus (http://www.georgianbus.com/blog), to get to the hotel or to make a tour around the city. Also the trip in the direction of Batumi and Tbilisi are made from the city every day.

Distance from Tbilisi to Kutaisi: 228km (2 hours 44min).

Distance from Kutaisi to Batumi: 140km (2 hours 1 min).

Currency exchange:

Currency exchange is available at the airport as well as in any branch of local banks.

Cheap hotels and hostels in Kutaisi:

In the recent years, there were built a lot of hotels and hostels in the city of different designs and styles to suit all tastes and opportunities.


In ancient times Kutaisi belonged to Imeretian and Colchis kingdom, and today it is the second largest and most important city in Georgia . Kutaisi is located in the valley of the river Rioni in the lower part of Colchis. Even in ancient times the river Rioni was associated with the myth of the Golden Fleece. It is not surprising, because exactly in Rioni the locals mined gold. Right in the watercourse they put sheepskins, stored them for several hours and then combed golden sand. Symbol of sheepskin, that was covered with gold was named the Golden Fleece. Symbol of sheepskin , which was covered with gold, and was named the Golden Fleece. This abundant river lowland, rich by cold springs, colorful green forests became the center of the ancient kingdom of Colchis, and Kutaisi as its capital.

Since the end of the X century Kutaisi was the capital of the united Georgian kingdom and about 150 years carried out this important mission. At the end of the XV century Imereti region split from the Georgian state into a separate Imeretian kingdom, with its capital in Kutaisi. In the beginning of XX century, it was a peaceful rural town. But during the years of Soviet authority Kutaisi from a small town turned into a big industrial center of the country.

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