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The small town Kazbegi, which today is considered to be a resort is located at the foot of Mount Kazbeg, near the Terek River, which is originated in Georgia. Mount Kazbek is one of the highest peaks not only in Georgia, but throughout the Caucasus, which is rich by majestic peaks. The very top of this extraordinary beauty mountain is covered by eternal snow and valley ice that regularly descend. The Mount Kazbek belongs to the lateral ridge of the Big Caucasus. The height of mountain reaches 5000 meters, this is the eastern peak. Western Mount of Kazbek is slightly lower, and at the same time, the western part – is a volcano extinct centuries ago.

Kazbegi resort organizes regular climbing on the Kazbek Mount for tourists led by numerous trainers and professional climbers. Not far from the resort is located Georgian military road that leads through a beautiful gorge in Russia, and specifically in Chechnya. There is opportunity to go there and look at the gorge, the road is absolutely safe.

Besides Russian and Georgian tourists, American, German, English, and Dutch tourists arrive here with great pleasure. So resort Kazbegi is international!


Kazbegi is a climate balneology resort area in Georgia and first of all is famous for its nature. The local mountains, gorges, lakes, rivers, forests are the main attractions.

Holy Trinity Church-is an inseparable part of Kazbegi landscape. Church is visible from any place of Stephantsminda village. By day it clearly stands out against the hillside, and at night is “hanging” in the sky illuminated by searchlights silhouette.

Near Kazbegi, in the village Hereti, there is a chance to attend Tsminda Sameba Church, pitched here in ancient times. Sublime at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, this church is already XII-XIII centuries. Gergeti village for centuries guarded Tsminda Sameba and for centuries church key was being passed from father to son and was kept at local inhabitants of the village.

Besides internal arrangement- murals, paintings, icons, etc. there is a small observation deck, which offers an amazing view of Mount Kazbek, resort and mountains.

Kazbek plateau is rich by scenic gorges and passes, through which are made travel routes. Did you honor to see the local valley glaciers? The beauty of mountain glaciers such as Mna, Miley, Suatisi can’t be described by words, they should definitely be seen!

Gorge of Kazbek plateau- Dzhimara, is always covered with dense forests. And Gizeldon gorge is rich with few ancient buildings.

In Trusovsky gorge you can find a huge variety of mineral and curative natural sources. Through all rivers in the region of Kazbegi resort are built bridges.

Clean, fresh air and unlimited amount of sunny days create perfect conditions for climatotherapy, as well as for preventive measures. So, having arrived in this small, but at the same time a wonderful town, you will combine business with pleasure!

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