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 House-museum Of Joseph Stali

Small Georgian town of Gori is situated on a beautiful Caucasian Kartli valley, near the fusion of the rivers- Kura and Liahvi. Gori is one of the ancient cities of Georgia, the first time historically it was mentioned in VI century. But this city has become famous because of one person, who was born here. His name is Joseph Dzhugashvili, better known as Joseph Stalin, who governed the Soviet Union from 1925 to 1953. Still the main street is named in his honor. And the city’s main attractions are associated with him- the house-museum of Joseph Stalin, his bronze sculpture located in the central square that bears his name.


One of the main sightseeings is House-museum Of Joseph Stalin, where he spent his early years is in the center of Gori. It is situated in front of the palace-museum in the Gothic style, favored among ancient residential buildings in the center of the resort town, under a special construction. Stalin museum is dedicated to all aspects of life of the famous ruler. It is operated by three departments, where are demonstrated rare exhibits: original letters and notes, snapshots, military chronicle, maps, Stalin’s personal belongings- photos of his sons Jacob and Basil, letters, death mask.

Ancient cave city Uplistsikhe is located near Gori. To get to these places is possible by car or tourist bus in a few minutes. A feature of Uplistsikhe lies in the fact that it has kept the shades of architectural and cultural structures built over several millenniums. Today, like in the early centuries, the rites are held in the church Uplistsuli and under the arches of ancient caves numerous tourists stroll.

Also among the sightseeing places it should be noted Goris-Tsikhe- huge ancient layered protective fortress, located on a mountain slope situated in the center of Gori. They believe that the fortress was built in the VI century during the reign of legendary Georgian king- David the Builder. Excavations have confirmed that the fortress was built on the site of an earlier, more ancient fortification.

Of course not everything was preserved in the ancient protective fortress Goris-Tsikhe, but the rest what is left surprises us with its grandeur. From the fortress is opened a wonderful view of the city and surrounding scenic mountains. At the foot of the hill where a fortress is erected, a beautiful Christian cathedral is perched.

Another attraction that should be mentioned is Ateni Zion, magnificent Christian cathedral, which was consecrated in honor of the Mother of Jesus, is a few kilometers from Gori in the picturesque Georgian village Ateni. This temple was built in the first half of VII century in an appropriate for those times architectural style. Today Ateni Zion is one of the most revered monuments of ancient Georgian architecture.


Gori is the ancient city of Georgia. It got its name from the rock formation in the center where are situated the remains of the antique Goristsikhe. Although Gori first is mentioned in chronicles from the VII century BC. , some sources relate foundation of the city with the reign of David the Builder in the beginning of XII century. Archaeological excavations show that on the place of Gori urban settlement existed before the Christian era, from the early Bronze Age.

In 1477, Shah of the state Goyunlu suddenly attacked Gori, taking the city without fight, but leaving it soon. In the middle of XVI century, the city becomes strengthening power of the Ottoman Turks. In 1599, the Georgian king Solomon suddenly attacked Gori and took it by storm.

According to words of the French traveler Jean Chardin, by the 70 years of XVII century, Gori was a significant trading center. In 1723, the city was devastated by the Ottoman Turks. For several years, the city was under Ottoman domination. Since 1735 the city was owned by Persians. But in the 40years of the XVIII century, the city was completely devoid of the conquerors.

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