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Dedeplistskaro municipality in Georgia is one of the biggest and at the same time one of the most sparsely populated. There are only 15 villages. District essentially consist of steppe and semi-desert, only one small section between Dedeplistskaro and Signahi is inhabited.It makes sense to come to these places for those who are interested in the steppe as a natural phenomenon.

Among historical monuments remained here there is The Khornabudji fortress known since V century. There is a house-museum of artist Pirosmany in the village Mirzaani that will be interesting for tourists. In those lands are also several temples. In addition, the area has a large national park Vashlovani, in which our travel company organizes a tour.

Dedoplistskaro - is the center of the district, the city has a population of 7000 people and looks like a village. Stretches for 4 kilometers along the road and is surrounded by a certain amount of abandoned factories. In the center of a town there ia a small square and a market. There is the ruins of the Temple Sioni 400 meters east of the market . What is important: the office of the National Park Vashlovani is settled in Dedeplistskaro. Visitors are registered there and supplied with maps and information.

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