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Mineral water is one of the most significant elements, which is definitely interrelated with the history of the Borjomi canyon of Georgia. Of course, even without springs Borjomi would be a great resort place, thanks to a marvelous beauty of nature and the unique healing climate. But exactly mineral water of Borjomi was the reason that the town became famous worldwide.

Archaeologists suppose that the springs were known in ancient times. This is confirmed by the found seven stone baths in the beginning of XX century dating from the beginning of the first millennium AD.

Birthplace of healing mineral of Soviet leaders, the town Borjomi is situated in the south-eastern part of Georgia, in the gorge of the river Kura, 152km west of Tbilisi. For professional tourists this is not only a resort area, but also a place with ecologically clean nature. This picturesque region which stretches in the gorge surrounded by array of majestic Caucasian mountains covered with deciduous and coniferous forests, the height of which sometimes reaches 3 thousand meters about sea level.

Today Borjomi is famous as a spa resort, a place where people come not only to rest and restore shattered nerves, but also to be treated for various diseases…there is also a spa-hotel, which is located in the center of Borjomi town, 200meters from the mineral springs.


Not only natural but also architectural attractions are the subject of attracting of modern Borjomi. There are monuments of Christian culture with the age of several centuries.

In a small village Daba there is a favorite by all tourists Church of St. George. Getting into this cut in the rock and mysteriously decorated by Georgian ornaments in 1333 monastery, you will experience an indescribable shudder before holiness, antiquity and beauty of this great place.

One of the biggest national parks in Europe stretches from Borjomi to Kharagauli. Its area takes 7.6% of the whole territory of Georgia. Its peculiarity is expressed in a variety of geographical and ecological zones, landscapes, historical monuments and rich flora and fauna. Here you can walk through natural Alpine meadows, meet marten, deer, hare, fox. And here also live wolves and bears, but of course it is better not to meet them.


Every autumn urban inhabitants celebrate a city day- the holiday which is called “Borjomoba”. On this special day local people make Georgian cuisine, listen to the Georgian national music, dancing folk groups are performed etc. All those wishing to try khinkali and chakhokhbili, to learn a few moves of lezginka, compete in the art of toasting and just to have fun, this holiday is allowed as well as drinking water from local sources. Here everyone understand that treats not only mineral water, but also the air, atmosphere, and the mood of wonderful spa resort town Borjomi.

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