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Batumi is a city on the Black Sea, full sightseeing places, which attracts more and more tourists from all over the world every year. Among such places should be noted Botanical Garden, which is the second largest botanical garden in Europe, a wonderful place for walking, in a sunny, hot day, and so during cloudy weather. Botanical Garden will connect you with nature, giving the feeling that you are walking in places where nature has remained in its state of innocence. Famous by everyone Dolphinarium, located in Batumi is another place that will give pleasure to you and your children. Nothing can touch the soul so much like gnashing of dolphin, its expressive eyes, mind, and intelligence and swimming with dolphins is a great experience that will leave a mark till the end of your life, you can be sure in it!

Boulevard with palm groves and with magnificent views of the sea is the focus of many tourists. Outdoor cafes filled with happy and cheerful visitors, live music, bars, casinos, luring gamblers, attractions, clubs... In general, anything that attracts tourists in the evenings, making their lives more interesting and unpredictable after the halcyon days on the beach, also it should be noted Singing fountains- wonderful and of diverse forms light and music fountain. To outstanding historical sites are referred the historic Roman fortress on the Black Sea "Gonio", which in the old days was a Roman fortress, a little later - the Byzantine Empire, and Old Batumi. This part of the city was built in the 19th century, there still remained the aura of those times. Here, everything froze, Old Batumi is not subject to the power of time.

General description:

There are places where while visiting heart stops ... They take all your senses, they force you mentally to transport back again and again. And you are no longer able to resist, you can even feed off this feeling by experienced emotions.

Batumi, Georgia -is one of those places, the capital of Adjara and the main seaside resort of the country. This is the land of the hot sun, rich in its warm rays, refreshing sea, magnificent sunsets and sunrises that captivate by its purity. Fresh air is scented by true Georgian cuisine, delicate aroma of magnolia, oleander, gardens full of citrus plants such as lemons, tangerines and oranges and fragrance of tart black coffee.

Airport and Transfer:

Batumi International Airport is located in 2 km from the city center. From different cities of Russia and also CIS you will need to make a transfer to reach Batumi. Another way is to fly to Tbilisi, whence domestic flights of “Georgian Airways” are commited to Batumi every day. The flight time takes 40 minutes. After arrival in the city, you can hire a car or taxi to get to the hotel or make a city tour. Also, daily trips to different cities and regions of Georgia are commited, and also trips from Batumi to Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Distance from Tbilisi to Batumi: 366km (4 hours 30 minutes)

Distance from Batumi to Kutaisi: 140km (2 hours)

Distance from Kutaisi to Yerevan: 451km (7 hours 38min)

Distance from Kutaisi to Baku: 919km (11 hours 31min)

Currency Exchange:

Currency exchange is available at the airport as well as in any branch of the local banks.

Hotels in Batumi:

In modern Batumi tourists are provided by the services of new luxury hotels with a maximum range of services and with a great staff. Even for the most demanding travelers accustomed to the highest standards and not only so, there is a wide range of choice: There are several five-star hotels including Sheraton and Intourist, also you will meet hotels like Radisson, Hilton, Batumi World Palace, etc.


Batumi - is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, which according to historical sources founded BC. Name of city Batumi, originally appeared in written sources in the fourth century at Aristotle.

The center of the ancient city was the fortress of Tamar, built in the same village. During the excavation in that place there were found ceramic products, as locally produced, so imported too.

During the first settlement of Batumi, population settled in areas adjacent to Batum- Mt. Old Batum was economic and cultural center of Korolistskal edge.

Archaeological excavations have shown that the main source of economic activities are agriculture, livestock, fishing and crafts.

Urban population early penetrated into external trade relations. Found here some objects of handicraft production of Ionian islands and Aegean seas is dated by the end of the 7th century-and beginning of 6th century BC.

In the Middle Ages Batumi differed by great natural and strategic position. During the rule of the Romans in Colchis, Batumi took advantage, which was associated with the presence of natural deep bottom of the bay, where Roman merchant ships hid from the archdiocese.

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