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Bakuriani is one of the most wonderful winter resorts in the world. Abundant sunshine, high mountainous climate, average snowfall, 12 ski tracks of different level of difficulty, exciting views, the famous Georgian cuisine, and family atmosphere – all of this makes the winter spent here memorable!

Bakuriani is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range in the Borjomi Valley of Georgia at the altitude of 1,700 m. Holiday in Bakuriani is worth and enjoyable during all seasons: wood-covered mountains, mineral water sources, extraordinary tourist routes towards spectacular natural or cultural memorials of the Borjomi Valley.


Tracking, the same as hiking, is a pedestrian mountain tourism. Territoriality of Bakuriani at the intersection of ridge of Lesser Caucasus and different geographical zones, diverse flora and fauna make Bakuriani region extremely rich and interesting. The proximity of mountains and ease of routes gives tourists opportunity to climb and hike with no special training. From near one-day routes can be advised a rise on Kohta(2155 meters), a climb on Sekvelomta mountain with having a view of Tabatskuri lake, hiking to Timotesubani monastery complex (11th century temple and cave monastery), to the springs with natural mineral water in Mitarbi, to the hot springs in Tsikhisjvari, in the pearl of “thermal” Caucasus of Borjomi.

Nowadays are held radical construction works on the resort, recently was opened the first of track complexes Didveli with modern lift of gondola style, it is also expected opening of new lifts and in turn new tracks.


To settle at the resort is possible as in hotels as well as boarding houses and private houses. The prices vary depending on the conditions, from 40-50 USD for a small cozy room with all the amenities to 150 USD for the room in the hotel of European level of ski “four”. Three-time meal is included in the cost. In private houses – is an exclusively individual approach to customer.


In the early 30s A. Zhemchuzhnikov with his friends opened this mountain resort for mountain-skiers. They were skiing down to the village of Borjomi. Here, thanks to the abundance of sun and snow are great conditions for mountain-skiers. In the Soviet times, sportsmen were coming here for trainings and conducting significant competitions in different kinds of winter sports.

Today the resort turned into a cozy alpine province where skiers and snowboarders from the whole country arrive there in winter. Except Georgians, Germans and Austrians also take a rest here.

Today, Bakuriani resort is absolutely deservedly recognized as one of the most developed ski resorts not only in Georgia, but throughout the Caucasus region.

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